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Is there a way to write "standard" comments in a Makefile to later feed them to a Doxygen-like program so as to output a nice (HTML or man for instance) documentation ? I'd like to have a clear overview of my main targets somewhere but nothing too fancy.

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One nice touch is to provide a phony help target that prints a summary of targets and options. From the Linux kernel Makefile:

        @echo  'Cleaning targets:'
        @echo  '  clean           - Remove most generated files but keep the config and'
        @echo  '                    enough build support to build external modules'
        @echo  '  mrproper        - Remove all generated files + config + various backup files'
        @echo  '  distclean       - mrproper + remove editor backup and patch files'
        @echo  ''
        @echo  'Configuration targets:'
        @$(MAKE) -f $(srctree)/scripts/kconfig/Makefile help
        @echo  ''

It might be a bit of work to maintain the documentation this way, but I find it nicely separates what is intended for "users" versus what is intended for people maintaining the Makefile itself (inline comments).

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Maybe I am not patient enough but I doubt there's anything else besides what you mentionned. Many thanks !! – J.N. Jan 18 '12 at 5:37
If you want some sort of automated stuff take a look at make-help. – gibatronic Mar 4 at 0:47

Self-Documenting Makefiles (John Graham-Cumming, 2005) lets you write the help alongside each rule. This is a lightweight and highly nifty solution that works at least with GNU Make.

Here's my slightly modified version (def-help-section helps organize long lists of rules).

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I made my own solution using a short Perl script that format the help as other GNU tools:


all:                ##@Build Build all the project 

clean:              ##@Cleaning Remove all intermediate objects

mrproper: clean     ##@Cleaning Remove all output and interemediate objects

    %help; while(<>){push@{$$help{$$2//'options'}},[$$1,$$3] \
    if/^(\w+)\s*:.*\#\#(?:@(\w+))?\s(.*)$$/}; \
    print"$$_:\n", map"  $$_->[0]".(" "x(20-length($$_->[0])))."$$_->[1]\n",\
    @{$$help{$$_}},"\n" for keys %help; \

help: ##@Miscellaneous Show this help
    @echo -e "Usage: make [target] ...\n"
    @perl -e '$(HELP_FUN)' $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
    @echo -e "Written by $(SCRIPT_AUTHOR), version $(SCRIPT_VERSION)"
    @echo -e "Please report any bug or error to the author." 

Which gives this:

$ make help
Usage: make [target] ...

  help                Show this help

  all                 Build all the project

  clean               Remove all intermediate objects
  mrproper            Remove all output and interemediate objects

Written by John Doe, version v1.0
Please report any bug or error to the author.
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