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I have been planning a little side project of mine for a while now. Since the beginning I had planed on writing a CRUD application from scratch myself. Now after having a little more experience with web programming I think I would save myself a ton of time by using a CMS but being unfamiliar with these systems I do not know if I can do what I need to.

  1. Users will create a profile.
  2. Users will upload images.
  3. Some users will be selling their products, others will be buying them. I will take a percentage. Think ebay without bidding.
  4. Many javascript and php features such as image rotators and an app so users can crop their photos.
  5. Will be integrating Facebook API.

Main reason I am considering a CMS is not to save time, but to make a safer website. I am not experienced with eCommerce and do not want to put my users at risk. Everything else mentioned I can and have done.

Use CMS like Drupal or just start from scratch?

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Most of the CMS have the basic functionality you've mentioned in 1,2 and 5.

You'll have to write your own extensions for 3 and 4, or search for existing one that fits you.

Writing an extension for CMS will take less time than writing entire CMS from scratch.

If you want safe and stable code, then it's better to use existing CMS.

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I agree with w3b4 that an open source CMS will save you time and give you major security and support advantages.

My experience of open source CMSs only extends to WordPress. I am sure you could make it do all the things you want with a bit of work, but my gut feel is that it might not be the best platform to start out with if you main requirement is buying and selling.

However before you strike it off your list, check out the wp-ecommerce plugin and its various add-ons. This product has developed a lot in recent years and might offer what you need out of the box.

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