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I have an iframe that when loaded changes a bit. Is there some sort of reset or something i need to apply? How do i keep the iframe's content looking the same regardless of which page it loads in?

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You can't load the iFrame in a vacuum; once it's brought into a context where stylesheets are applied, it'll follow right along with everything else on the page. Fortunately, however, it's just a matter of building your stylesheets accordingly.

One approach would be to dedicate an ID to only that iFrame's container, such as #myiframe, and then be thorough and specific with all the styles you'd like applied. Design your stylesheets to avoid conflicts with this element, and use the !important declaration if you get into a pinch and need the sub-property to override inherited styles. It boils down to careful design more than anything else, and a healthy appreciation for how cascading style sheets work.

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Prefix your styles with :not(iframe)

So your CSS definitions will look like the following:

:not(iframe) body div { margin:0 auto; } /* only applies styles to div's */
                                         /* inside body and not inside an */
                                         /* iframe */
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I don't control the body's css. – Babiker Jan 17 '12 at 3:40
what do you mean it "looks different." That mean the size of the iframe is constraining the proportions of the iframes layout and is skewing the elements? – xandercoded Jan 17 '12 at 3:51
For example the color of the anchors is changing. – Babiker Jan 17 '12 at 4:04

I think if you have a subdomain and you put that in the iframe it will stop the css.

<iframe src=""></iframe>
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