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Is there a good way to split English document into sentences? I mean English document frequently includes Mr. Mrs. U.S.A, etc. It is difficult to separate them out. Do we need a special natural language library to accomplish this? I suspect that we need it.

Thank you.

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Technically, you need a complete understanding of English to do the job.

As a decent "almost" solution, you could use a dictionary of "things that end in period" and split on periods which do not immediately follow one of those tokens.

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But of course, there are instances where an abbreviation also ends a sentence. "I need to talk to the Mrs." Or the "etc" in your question! – tripleee Jan 17 '12 at 7:37

If every sentence begins with a capital and ends with a period, then I would define a sentence as the above but contains >1 word and does not end with (common abbreviation list or regex [a-zA-Z].+)

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You can use sentence detector provided by numerous NLP tools such as OpenNLP or Stanford CoreNLP. They can handle cases like Mr. Mrs. U.S.A, etc.

Both OpenNLP and Stanford CoreNLP are written in Java.
SharpNLP is C# (ported) version of OpenNLP.

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Thank you for the help. It looks like I do need a library to accomplish it. – Jerry Xu Jan 17 '12 at 14:10

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