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I'm trying to get Google Chrome Stable(16.0.912.75) to play mp3.

Here's My Sample Code


    <audio autoplay controls src=""></audio>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var audioElement = document.getElementsByTagName('audio')[0];


The Above Code works Fine in Chrome Beta/Dev and Chromium Snapshots(with codecs replaced by Chrome Codecs).
But SomeHow,
The App won't play audio in Google Chrome Stable Release. But,

The When Directed to Unpackaged App's Code.. e.g file://D:/App/index.html The App Plays audio

The Tests

1.Specifying src inside HTML

<audio autoplay controls src="file:///E:/Songs/Aerosmith/DreamOn.mp3"></audio>

2.Specifying src Dynamically Through Javascript


Both Methods Fail When The Code is Loaded as a Chrome App in Google Chrome Stable

But Works Fine in Google Chrome Beta/Dev and Chromium Snapshots.

What Could Be The Reason For This Behaviour ???

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the most obvious reason would be, that there is a bug in the current stable which was resolved in a newer release (try canary build)

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