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I am new to Java, Servlets and JSP and have inherited an application I am trying to resolve an issue in.

I have a JSP page that calls a tomcat servlet (Tomcat7) with some hard coded parameters via jsp:forward. The purpose of this JSP page is to have a simple, clean link to a web resource that requires a bunch of parameters.

The servlet performs a data search and binds the results to a session that can then be paged through with subsequent web requests if there are more than say 10 items. This all works fine when using the servlet to request the initial results and then move to subsequent pages. The site uses cookies to manage session.

Here is an example:

This works - Call the full page query

Then jump to next page of results (page 2)

This does not work - Call the JSP page (apache server uses rewrite to turn this into Full_Client_List.jsp)

Then jump to next page of results (page 2)

If I call the first request fully (not via the JSP page) then the servlet remembers the results when I want to view the subsequent pages

This setup is working on an older server with apache and tomcat (3.1) This can be seen in action by replacing in the above links with

Did something change in the development of tomcat or what settings am I missing?

EDIT I discovered that tomcat saved the cookie with the context or app name in the path and so session was lost when navigating to pages that did not have this as part of the URL.

The solution (for me) was to have tomcat set the cookie path as /. In the version I am using this is done by setting sessionCookiePath="/" as a property on the project context tag in the tomcat server.xml config file

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Not much to go on. Tomcat still has sessions. – Dave Newton Jan 17 '12 at 4:04
After turning off the rewrite rule of the JSP page and browsing directly to that JSP page things are working. But these apache rewrite rules are working on another server (earlier apache and tomcat versions) – cemlo Jan 18 '12 at 9:03

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