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I moved my 10+ rails applications to DreamHost VPS from shared hosting. A problem that I found was that the default value of PassengerMaxPoolSize is 4. That's way too small for me. To change that, I have to manage web server by myself.

I guess httpd.conf is the file that I have to manage. But I don't understand some part of it. For example, the following lines:

SetEnv dsid 19649082
SetEnv ds_id_19649082

Where do I get the values? If you have experience with that, can you show me how to manage that?



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I know this is late, but had the same question myself today. When you create the domain/hosting via the Dreamhost Domains Panel and assign it to your VPS, the "dsid" number can be found here: /home/_domain_logs/DOMAINUSERNAME/DOMAIN/http.DSID#

The log file the system automatically creates has the DSID number in the http.## folder name.

Despite information out there, the DSID number is important to put in your httpd.conf when you manually set up a Virtual Host on your VPS.

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Are those settings a problem? If not, then you probably don't have to touch them. They're just setting environment variables that Apache modules and your Rails app can access.

The dsid stuff is probably added by Dreamhost to track which site a request is associated with.

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Yes. I purchased 2GB and the recommended PassengerMaxPoolSize is 30 accrording to the Passenger Documentation. 4 is too small. Now I changed that to 30 and currently 17 instances are running. Maybe I need to ask DreamHost what dsid is. Thanks. –  Sam Kong Jan 17 '12 at 5:20

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