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finally after a lot of searching i found the function that i've been looking :

public double getAngle(Point centerCircle)
    double angle1= Math.atan2(centerCircle.y-this.y,centerCircle.x-this.x);
double angle2= Math.atan2(0,centerCircle.x-(centerCircle.x*2));
return Math.toDegrees(angle2-angle1);

sorry but i am kind of retarded for math, so what do i need to change to this function so it follow :

where 3 O'Clock is 90 and 12 O'Clock is 180 degrees

instead of

where 3 O'Clock is 0 and 12 O'Clock is 90 degrees

Thank you!

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If angle1 and angle2 are in radians, just add PI/2, like this:

return Math.toDegrees(angle2-angle1+(Math.PI/2));
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You seem to be asking for a few different things here, so I'll see if I can cover all the bases.

1) If you are looking for the angle between two points (with the same origin/center point), it doesn't matter which direction 0/90/180/270 point as long as they are consistent. The angle will be the same regardless of the orientation.

2) If you are looking for the angle of a point E at (ex, ey) with an origin at (cx,cy) and 0 degrees pointing down and increasing counterclockwise (as you asked), then you can use the formula in this answer to get the angle based on 0 degrees = 3 o'clock. Then add 90 degrees to get the final result. (Subtract 360 if necessary.)

3) You can use the steps in #2 to calculate the angle for two different points, then subtract one from the other to get the angle between them.

getAngleBetweenAAndB(Point A, Point B){
  return abs(getAngle(A) - getAngle(B));
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