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I'm working on a game using PlayN, and there's a bit where I would like to take an image (which is currently in PNG format, with 8-bit alpha already) and I would like to multiply the image by an additional alpha factor, based on a value from my code.

Specifically, I have a picture of a face that currently lives in an ImageLayer, and the effect that I would like would be to have something like this:

void init() {
  faceImage = assetManager().getImage("images/face.png");

void update(float deltaMilliseconds) {
  // start at fully transparent, fade to fully opaque 
  float transparency = calcTransparency(deltaMilliseconds);

I expect that there's some way to do some trickiness with GroupLayers and blend modes, perhaps blending the image with a CanvasLayer painted with a solid white rectangle with transparency controlled by my code, but it's not obvious to me if that's the best way to achieve what seems like a pretty common effect.

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If you just want to fade the image in from fully-transparent to fully-opaque, then just do the following:

ImageLayer faceLayer;
void init() {
  Image faceImage = assetManager().getImage("images/face.png");
  faceLayer = graphics().createImageLayer(faceImage);

void update(float delta) {
  float alpha = calcAlpha(delta);

Where alpha ranges from 0 (fully transparent) to 1 (fully opaque).

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Yes, that did exactly what I needed. Thanks! –  Dave LeCompte Jan 18 '12 at 18:16

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