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I have a Django model like:

class Category(models.Model):

Where each category may exist in many parents. Some categories have no parents, they are the "root" categories. In plain SQL I could find them by:

SELECT "readableName"
FROM foo_category AS c
LEFT JOIN foo_category_parents AS cp ON (c.id=cp.from_category_id)
WHERE cp.to_category_id IS NULL;

And indeed, this works well. How do I find the "list of categories with no parents" with a Django-y call? I tried:

# Says "Cannot resolve keyword 'is_null' into field."
# Says "Join on field 'id' not permitted."

But as noted, neither work.

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Django's many-to-many fields normally operate symmetrically (see this entry in the Django docs). When you do a ManyToMany to self, this means that a reverse ManyToMany entry will be created, so in fact every category with a parent will be the parent of the parent (if that makes sense).

In other words:

a = Category.objects.create(name='a')
b = Category.objects.create(name='b')

print b.parents.all() # produces [a]
print a.parents.all() # produces [b], which is why your filter is failing

To get around this, there's a special option:

class Category(models.Model):
    # ... as above ...
    parents=models.ManyToManyField('self', symmetrical=False)

Now you can get the parent categories with:

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Wonderful thank you, "symmetrical=False" and "parents=None" is exactly what I need. And of course "parents=None" is much better syntax than my failed attempts! – arantius May 20 '09 at 19:13

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