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I want to set a cookie with the country name and city location but I am unable as we had to set cookies before anything. How can I set my variables to its value?

$ipLite = new ip2location_lite;
$locations = $ipLite->getCity($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
$errors = $ipLite->getError();
if (!empty($locations) && is_array($locations)) {
echo $locations['ipAddress'];
echo $locations['countryName'];
echo $locations['regionName'];
echo $locations['cityName'];
$values="ipaddress : ".$locations['ipAddress']."<br>country : ".$locations['countryName']."<br>region : ".$locations['regionName']."<br> city :".$locations['cityName'];


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\you are using wrong way to set cookie, try:

if (!empty($locations) && is_array($locations)) {
$values = serialize($location); //serialize you array
//then set cookie
 if(!isset($_COOKIE['trakcer'])) {
   setcookie("CookieName", $values, time()+3600);  /* expires in 1 hour */
//and to get it
$array = unserialize($_COOKIE['CookieName']);
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You cannot do any echo or print before setcookie. Cookie can be set when no other headers were set/send.

Read documentation for more information php.net/setcookie

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