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I will save Color as


Then it is save as Color [A=255, R=255, G=255, B=128]

Now How to convert this string back to color?

I am already solve problem by storing RGB in integer value but that value is negative and have no significance until someone apply it from code. These [A=255, R=255, G=255, B=128] ARGB values are more readable.

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The not so elegant solution could be to split the string and extract the values you need. Something like:

var p = test.Split(new char[]{',',']'});

int A = Convert.ToInt32(p[0].Substring(p[0].IndexOf('=') + 1));
int R = Convert.ToInt32(p[1].Substring(p[1].IndexOf('=') + 1));
int G = Convert.ToInt32(p[2].Substring(p[2].IndexOf('=') + 1));
int B = Convert.ToInt32(p[3].Substring(p[3].IndexOf('=') + 1));

There must be better ways to do it though, this was the first thing to come to mind.

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You could store (and load) the color as the HTML values, for example #FFDFD991. Then use System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToHtml() and System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml(). Also see this question.

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