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Hi I don't have a single idea on how to do this one. Well I need to make a like button for my page so I read about facebook like documentation. Now I already set a like button on my page but the thing is I cant customize the one that pops up when I click the like button which will brings a pop-up that can post to my wall.

Well what exactly I need to do is to set the title of that pop-up with the url under the title, a picture and a description. I tried the meta tags which said needed to be posted between the head tag but nothing happens. It just show a message that you like which is not the one I needed.

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Here is an answer that I posted a little while ago that should shed some light on the og:tags :

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@KaHel this is your fix. You can specify the OG tags. Be sure to lint the url after you make changes to ensure Facebook has the latest og values. – DMCS Jan 17 '12 at 22:20
forgot to update my question anyway I already got it yesterday. Thanks for the help. I also figured out that I need to assign the meta (og:tags) for each page and the button and link will do the rest. Thank you! – KaHeL Jan 18 '12 at 6:37

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