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I am using starUML for class diagram and activity diagram. I am wondering that 'ctrl' (+ mouse left click) doesn't work there. I am not able to select multiple items therefore. so to move or copy multiple objects, you need to put lot of efforts. Though ctrl + A works works, selecting all items is not desired always.

Am i missing something? Is there any other way to select multiple items at a time in starUML? Though selecting multiple items using mouse (left click + spanning mouse over multiple items ) is possible, it is not convinient and many times not precise. I am specifically looking for use of 'ctrl' button here.

Thanks in advance, Ujjwal

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Instead of control try using the [Shift] button.

From StarUML User Guide -

"You may select multiple elements by dragging the mouse over an area. Click the view elements while holding down the [Shift] key to add the elements to the selection."

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