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I am trying to get familiar with javaScript and currently stumbled upon one issue: How to get ArrayList JSP variables in JavaScript function?

Fo example I figured out how I can get an int value, but dont know how to move the array list

var total='<%=counter%>'; //convert jsp to JavaScript
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There is no direct way to convert an ArrayList to javascript array, you can loop through the ArrayList and add each element to javascript array. try this


var jsArray = [];
<%for(int i=0;i<arrayList.size();i++){%>
    jsArray.push("<%= arrayList.get(i)%>");
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You need to use javascript array and create the array using values from the server

var myArray=new Array("Value1","Value2","Value3");//condensed array
var myArray=["Value1","Value2","Value3"];//literal array

You can also use the JSON format to get the literal from the server.

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