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I use RabbitVCS for Subversion repos and I'd like to start using it for git repos too. But I'm not familiar with git.

I have not been able to find a RabbitVCS- or TortoiseGit-based tutorial for git. Is there one, or is there a "translation" of one that provides RabbitVCS-equivalent steps to an existing command line tutorial? It should include all steps required for basic/common Git workflow, setting up local repos and remote repos, updating, checkout, making a local repo linked to a remote one, using the staging area, committing locally, pushing to remote, updating linked repos, switching branches, listing local and remote branches, etc.

I'm guessing a community wiki answer will be best for this. Perhaps a translation of http://nathanj.github.com/gitguide/tour.html for RabbitVCS, or equivalent actions to Creating a GitHub repo or Forking a GitHub repo.

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I would recommend not using it, if you are also using SVN in linux to be specific, because in gui/nautilus it adds question mark(i.e. unknown repository) to every repository it can find. Also it has very limited functionality with git i.e. you can just see the diff the commit to your repository. For the rest you will still have to use the command line.

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