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I have developed a rather small application with Java EE, Hibernate, MySQL and Tomcat. Now I would like to host it on a cloud service. I considered three options:

  • Amazon EC2 (PaaS how to manage MySQL here?)
  • Windows Azure (I actually deployed a hello world java app there, so it works. But what about MySQL?)
  • Google App Engine (No clue about that)

I assume max. 5 concurrent Users and very few data sets (<10.000). EDIT: I don't need lotd of CPU power.

I am not sure about what service to use in terms of technology (especially MySql) and in terms of costs (shouldn't be more than 20$/15€ a month).

Can someone experienced please recommend an option. Also I would like to know the reasons behind that. Thank you

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For such a low traffic, why are you considering cloud? Does your app use heavily cpu resources? Or do you need geographical proximity with the clients? –  perissf Jan 17 '12 at 9:12
no and no. I don't own a server. so what's the alternativ? –  Sven Jan 17 '12 at 13:55
The small amazon ec2 instance is 7€ a month. You get there 1,7GB and you can also install what you need as far as I understood. –  Sven Jan 17 '12 at 14:50
10€ more or less aren't the issue. You suggest something different and I don't understand why :-) –  Sven Jan 17 '12 at 15:39

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Amazon has a free tier. http://aws.amazon.com/free/

Check that out.

You could most likely get away with booting two micro instances, one for the application, Tomcat, and one for MySQL. You are going to want to run the MySQL database on an EBS volume. And maybe the application depending on what it does. Then create two security groups, one for the application with web ports (80, 8080, 443, etc) open to the world (and maybe ssh open to your IP, or the world if you're crazy) and one security group for MySQL server with port 3306 open to the app security group. See http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/using-network-security.html.

Then I would make an Elastic IP and put it on the web server, I use Route53 for my DNS because it is easy, then you put that Elastic IP as your A record for the site/application.

Watch the monitors and if you get more load, snap shot each server as an AMI and boot new ones that are larger than the micros. If you use EBS backed AMI's it will help for this.

NOTE: t1.micros are not really very good, and you will get all your CPU stolen by Amazon if you tax it hard, so it is best to only use them if you are not going to get much load.

Obviously there are other charges, such as storage and data transfer, but they are usually cheap.

If you think these servers are going to run for a year or more, you could also reserve them, which cuts the cost for everything beyond the free tier.

I would recommend AWS. It will allow you to scale up your application easily once you get the flow down.

AWS has a variety of services that help you manage and scale your app. I have been happy with it.

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Cloud Foundry should be a great hosting environment with your requirements, ie Java EE, Hibernate, MySQL. It is still in beta, and is free for now.

It supports Java EE, Hibernate, MySQL and Tomcat. Moreover since it is a PaaS, provisioning the MySql database is just one command.

You can sign up at https://my.cloudfoundry.com/signup

Relevant docs to get started for your use case are:

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Check that out. https://codenvy.com/dashboard/#/dashboard Tomcat, MySQL, etc....

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