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I want to automate some testing of application and I want to click on some button (brn1) but then if textview1 have value of "A" I want to make press on btn2 else if the textview have value of "B" I want the script to make click on btn3.

I know how to connect with device how to make click at certain position (to click the button) but I do not know how to check the value of some text view and how to make decision in the script (how to construct if statement)

Does monkeyrunner have support for this ? if it doesn't then what should I do, or maybe there is no support for this at all.

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If you want to get the value which is come after click on the button then you can't get it. Because MonkeRunner doesn't support it.

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Seems that Selenium AndroidDriver is more suitable for such testing activities.

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