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JavaScript replace all / with \ in a string?

I have a date='13/12/2010' I want to replace this '/' to '_' or something else.

I read this But I do not know how can that applied for my case .

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Use a global RegEx (g = global = replace all occurrences) for replace.

date = date.replace(/\//g, '_');

\/ is the escaped form of /. This is required, because otherwise the // will be interpreted as a comment. Have a look at the syntax highlighting:

date = date.replace(///g, '_');
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One easiest thing :)

var date='13/12/2010';
alert(date.split("/").join("_")); // alerts 13_12_2010

This method doesn't invoke regular expression engine and most efficient one

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split / join is not usually more efficient than a single call to replace. Regular expressions are less expensive than you think. –  Andy E Jan 17 '12 at 12:34

You can try escaping the / character like this -

date.replace( /\//g,"_");
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