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In Windows Mango OS , is there any scripting environment that is supported?

Does it have support for powershell or python or perl?

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I may be off-topic here, but there is a way to do in-the-phone scripting. The TouchDevelop app lets you do pretty cool stuff.

If you your question refers to using a scripting language to make apps, then the answer would be NO.

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WP7 does not have Python support, or perl / powershell. See the IronPython request here:

You can use JavaScript within a WebBrowser control.

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You can use Powershell in the service layer, adding System.Management.Automation and Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Utility to the service project.

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There's no official scripting environment for WP7, but there's a working port of IronRuby (although I've never tried it):

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