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I have placed my custom decorators in windows


My application works well on windows, but in linux zend cannot found my code in Zend/Forms/Decorators. (upper case F and D)

How can I set up auto loader for zend auto load my decorator? (My custom decorator's name is Tab_Forms_Decorators_Hr)

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Zend/Form/Decorator (note singular Form)? Don't know why the plural would work in Windows, though... Still, if you are defining custom resource autoloaders, then anything is possible. –  David Weinraub Jan 17 '12 at 10:37
@DavidWeinraub excuse me, but how can I defineing custom resource autoloaders for this? –  butchi Jan 17 '12 at 10:49
Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you. Not (necessarily) saying you should. Just noting that my suggestions (singular Form for the class name) might not apply if you had custom resource autoloaders in place. Since it sounds like you do not, the answer by @Ondrej seems to be on the right track. –  David Weinraub Jan 17 '12 at 12:28

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Since default path segment is Form/Decorator and class prefix segment is Form_Decorator (see Zend/Form.php source, getPluginLoader() method ), the plural form is weird and the singular one should by used. The Forms directory may be used for storing your own Forms models, so maybe some mis-configuration? You didn't post the whole error...

But this don't solve your problem. Try using addPrefixPath() to add your own path and prefix, like this (and adjust directories and classes names according to this):

$form->addPrefixPath('Tab_Form_Decorator', 'Tab/Form/Decorator', 'decorator');

Note the path must begin in some place previously defined (in eg. _initAutoload() Bootstrap.php).

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