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I'm using Entity Framework with the new ODAC that oracle just released.

My problem is that some of my queries that were working in previous beta releases stopped working in this new release version.

Here's an example:

IQueryable<SYS_PERFIL> query1 = m.DBContext.SYS_PERFIL.Where(T => T.SYS_UTILIZADOR.Where(TT => TT.ACTIVO == 1).Count() > 0);

IQueryable<SYS_PERFIL> query2 = m.DBContext.SYS_PERFIL.Where(T => T.SYS_UTILIZADOR.FirstOrDefault(TT => TT.ACTIVO == 1) != null);

string test1Query = ((System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery)query1).ToTraceString();

string test2Query = ((System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery)query2).ToTraceString();

var test1 = query1.ToList();

var test2 = query2.ToList();

While test1 returns the currect result, test2 throws an oracle exception 'ORA-00905: missing keyword' with message: 'Oracle does not support APPLY'.

I don't want to re-test all of my methods. Is there a way to tell EF not to use apply?

Here are the queries that EF is generating:


SELECT "Project1"."PERFIL_ID" AS "PERFIL_ID" FROM ( SELECT "Extent1"."PERFIL_ID" AS PERFIL_ID", (SELECT COUNT(1) AS "A1" FROM "SMI2012"."SYS_UTILIZADOR" "Extent2" WHERE (("Extent1"."PERFIL_ID" = "Extent2"."PERFIL_ID") AND (1 = "Extent2"."ACTIVO"))) AS "C1"
 FROM "SMI2012"."SYS_PERFIL" "Extent1")  "Project1" WHERE ("Project1"."C1" > 0)


SELECT "Extent1"."PERFIL_ID" AS "PERFIL_ID" FROM  "SMI2012"."SYS_PERFIL" "Extent1" CROSS APPLY  (SELECT "Extent2"."PERFIL_ID" AS "PERFIL_ID", "Extent2"."ACTIVO" AS "ACTIVO", "Extent2"."USER_ID" AS "USER_ID" FROM "SMI2012"."SYS_UTILIZADOR" "Extent2" WHERE (("Extent1"."PERFIL_ID" = "Extent2"."PERFIL_ID") AND (1 = "Extent2"."ACTIVO")) AND (ROWNUM <= (1) ) ) "Element1" WHERE ("Element1"."USER_ID" IS NOT NULL)

Thanks in advance.

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did you solved this problem? I am having the same issue if I try to use FirstOrDefault inside the projection. –  Robert Vuković Sep 7 '12 at 14:40

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The Telerik OpenAccess ORM does not use the APPLY statement. I had the same issue on a nested group query. When I built the OA model, the query ran great!

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Have you tried Oracle 12c?

Here https://forums.oracle.com/message/10168766#10168766

read that should works.

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