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How do I get the contents of a directory in Fortran 95?

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What do you mean "I have to pad it or otherwise it does not go through". What have you tried so far. Is it sufficient to print the contents of a directory to screen, or do you need to store the list of files in a variable? – Chris Jan 17 '12 at 13:15
@Chris : I was referring to the question itself, too short to be accepted by SO. – Stefano Borini Jan 17 '12 at 13:33

shure if we have all the files in the 'inFiles' folder, we first find out how many are there and then we read their names into an array, check this out:

  real :: r
  integer :: i,reason,NstationFiles,iStation
  character(LEN=100), dimension(:), allocatable :: stationFileNames

  ! get the files
  call system('ls ./inFiles > fileContents.txt')
  !how many
  i = 0
   read(31,FMT='(a)',iostat=reason) r
   if (reason/=0) EXIT
   i = i+1
  end do
  NstationFiles = i
  write(verb,'(a,I0)') "Number of station files: " , NstationFiles
  do i = 1,NstationFiles
   read(31,'(a)') stationFileNames(i)

! write(verb,'(a)') trim(stationFileNames(i)) end do close(31)

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To be pedantic, you don't. There's no intrinsic or such in Fortran 95 that helps you.

On a POSIX system and a recent Fortran compiler, you can use ISO_C_BINDING to create interfaces to the POSIX opendir() and readdir() functions (or readdir_r() if you need thread safety), which allow you to iterate over the directory entries.

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Does this language allow to do anything useful except multiplying numbers ? – Stefano Borini Jan 17 '12 at 16:44
For comparison, can you point out where in the C or C++ standard one can find the functionality to list the contents of a directory? – janneb Jan 17 '12 at 18:56
one would expect that a standard library for such trivial operations is available out of the box for a language of such age. – Stefano Borini Jan 17 '12 at 19:41

There is no concept of a directory in Fortran, as such. It reads files. (There are some processors that don't even have a concept of directory).

With that being said, the easiest way would be with SYSTEM. Depends on what you want with that after ...

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Maybe you find this overview from the gfortran documentation useful. There are two libraries, which try to provide access to POSIX functions there and the broader flib collection.

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