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In Python, how do I perform the equivalent of the following

import http.client

but using a relative import:

from . import http.client
import .http.client

For a package http in the current package? I want to then access the client module through it's parent name, http.client, as I would be able if I did the top level import.

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I think that what you're looking for is this:

from ..http import client
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I would look for inspiration at the corresponding PEP 0328. If you are in http.__init__.py, and want to access client:

from . import client
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You need to import it with from . import http

However, at that point you will not have loaded the http.client module, and you can't access it:

>>> http.client
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'client'

There are various ways of getting around this. The simplest one is to do this in http/__init__.py

from . import client

Another things you can do are

import types
http = types.ModuleType('http')

from .http import client
http.client = client

Which you can do if it is unpractical to modify the http/__init__.py

However, since I assume this is to provide a drop-in replacement of http.client for some reason, I'd recommend you to do this:

    from .http import client
except ImportError:
    from http import client

And then use the name client consistently instead. That's definitely the easiest, and prettiest solution

Or, if you don't want to use client as a name:

    from .http import client as http_client
except ImportError:
    from http import client as http_client
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