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My xaml page includes some resources:

    <cnv:FormattingConverter x:Key="formatter" />
    <!-- create an instance of our DataProvider class -->
    <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="ObjOne" ObjectType="{x:Type local:ObjOneDataProvider}"/>
    <!-- define the method which is invoked to obtain our data -->
    <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="ObjTwo" ObjectInstance="{StaticResource ObjOne}" sMethodName="GetAllData"/>

But when I try to open the page in visual studio in preview mode I get the following error:

Error 57 Invalid argument

and the error is cause by the instruction: ObjectInstance="{StaticResource ObjOne}"

Someone know why it occurs?

NOTE: I found that error is caused by the assign of propriety MethodName and not by the ObjectInstance="{StaticResource ObjOne}"

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1 Answer

If you want to bind to a method follow the documentation: How to: Bind to a Method

    <cnv:FormattingConverter x:Key="formatter" />

    <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="ObjOne" ObjectType="{x:Type local:ObjOneDataProvider}" MethodName="GetAllData" />
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