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I'm using TCPDF to print some tables of data: one big table (although usually not longer than a page) followed by a second, smaller one.
In some cases, the two tables together are longer than one page, so TCPDF inserts a page break in the middle of the second table. My clients want to avoid that behavior: they would rather have the second table completely on a new page, ie insert the page break before the table, if both table cannot fit on a single page.

Of course if both tables fit on one page, no page break should be used.

So does anybody know if there is a way to instruct TCPDF not to insert a page break within a given table?

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Start a transaction, insert the table, check if you are in a new page, if yes, roll back and add a page before insering your table.

VERY IMPORTANT: don't forget the TRUE calling rollback:

$start_page = $this->getPage();                       
$this->writeHTMLCell( 0, 0, '', '', $html, 0, 1, false, true, 'C'  );
$end_page = $this->getPage();
if  ($end_page != $start_page) {
    $this->rollbackTransaction(true); // don't forget the true
    $this->writeHTMLCell( 0, 0, '', '', $html, 0, 1, false, true, 'C'  );

Hope it helps michel

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It's a bit of an old question, not relevant anymore to me, so I can't test your answer now. But thanks anyway! –  s427 Nov 25 '13 at 17:22
Be careful with this approach to ensure your $html content is never larger than one page. In this event, the end page would ALWAYS not equal the starting page, and the script will simply keep adding blank pages. A flag in your IF statement would allow you to track if you've already added a blank, and allow you to force a stop or warning. –  RelicScoth Oct 7 '14 at 15:45
This worked wonderful for me. Thanks! –  DACrosby Dec 10 '14 at 4:49
getPage() can return same value even if content has spilled over page boundry. I had to calculate printable area and determine if Y had left the current page: if ($this->getY() >= ($this->getPageHeight() - $this->getMargins()['top'] - $this->getMargins()['bottom'])) –  danielcraigie Dec 19 '14 at 7:57

Calculate a height of the second table in advance. Use a checkPageBreak method to add a page break if needed.

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