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I have a global array of structure declared as

struct _links link[255][255][255];

in my main.c. This array of structures is also used in another file, action.c, and I tried to declare it in action.c as an extern, i.e.

extern struct _links link[255][255][255];

However, I got the error message "array type has incomplete element type". I don't understand what that means. How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you.

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Do you include the file containing the definition of _links in the second file? –  Joachim Pileborg Jan 17 '12 at 11:12
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Define your structure struct _links in a header file; include that in both my_main.c and action.c, compile them seperately and link them.

It works without header file for in-built data types. but for user defined data types, header file is needed.

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Note that the main reason for this is that the compiler can't know the size and alignment of the array elements in action.c without a complete definition of struct _links. –  pmdj Jan 17 '12 at 12:04
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You have to declare a type struct _links somewhere.

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a good programming practice is to create a new file links.h which contains

extern struct _links link[255][255][255];

include this file on both main.c and action.c .

do not forget to define the variable only once.

for more informations about extern keyword,take a look at this post http://stackoverflow.com/a/1433387/1117720

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