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I'm parsing Wikipedia articles. I want to extract every sentence with a year in it. The year can be anything from 1000 - 2012. Below is the regex I've been trying, but I can't quite get it right. Please help refine this.

$regex = '/\.\s.+\s[1|2][0-9]{3}\.\s/';
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Let's define a sentence as a run of non-period characters with a full-stop at the end:


(this has a few problems, of course, but they're nontrivial for any automated process to fix, so this will have to do). Then a number between 1000 and 2012 would be


Combine them:

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Splitting sentences is a different story.

Hope it helps:


Now, how will you decide 1003 is a year and not any number, it's a different question.

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