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Is there any way to call a web service in a ssis package in order to insert some data into a table within SQL Server? How? any sample or guidance please?

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Why would you call a web service, instead of just connecting to SQL Server directly? If you can explain that, someone may have a suggestion. –  Pondlife Jan 17 '12 at 11:50
It's not possible connection to SQL SERVER directly. They gave us a web service instead. –  odiseh Jan 18 '12 at 7:11

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I assume by your question, you are referring to using a web service as a destination for a data flow? I inherited a series of packages that integrate with our MS CRM site. As designed, these packages are a horrible fit for the SSIS paradigm but that's my burden to bear...

These packages generally fit the form of Source (OLE DB or Flat File) fed to a Script Task (destination). I don't know that providing all the code of a particular task would be enlightening. It's simply invokes the web service for each row sent into it. RBAR is not what SSIS or set based languages are made for but you can certainly do it.

  • The Script transformation will have a web reference (ours is named CrmSdk) to the service.
  • Declare an instance of the service as a member of ScriptMain.
  • Instantiate that service in your script, passing credentials as needed. Most likely in your PreExecute method
  • Make calls to the web service in your Input0_ProcessInputRow method using the Row.Column1 notation. Do be aware of nulls and how the web service handles them. Our code uses service.CompanyName = Row.CompanyName_IsNull ? string.Empty : Row.CompanyName;

If your intention is to use a web service at the Control Flow level, be aware that the default Task has a hard coded 5 minute timeout. Not sure if that's still the case, but in the 2005 package I was dealing with, we had to use a straight Script Task to communicate with our webservice (it was cleansing millions of rows of address data in batch fashion) to bypass the timeout issue. Reference to timeout property

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