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I have a folder named Account

I want to xcopy all its subfolders, but it two phases (i.e. two xcopy commands):

I want to splint this cmd:

xcopy /I /E /Y %env.working_directory%\Deployment\Account\Release*.* \file-srv\Archive\Products\Web\AccountsServices\Account.Toolbar\Nightly\Accounts_3.10_Merged\

Account\folder1 in first xcopy

Account\ --> all other in second xcopy

How can I write the second xcopy? (regex for excluding "folder1")

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(They are simple wildcards rather than regular expressions)

Robocopy ships with recent versions of windows & can do everything that xcopy can, it supports /xd to exclude directories.

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xcopy /I /E /Y %env.working_directory%\Deployment\Account\Release*.* \\file-srv\Archive\Products\Web\AccountsServices\Account.Toolbar\Nightly\Accounts‌​_3.10_Merged\ /xd %env.working_directory%\Deployment\Account\Release\Toolbar\ ____________ this syntax is ok ? – Elad Benda Jan 18 '12 at 12:05
/XD is for robocopy not xcopy so you want robocopy "c:\sourcepath" "c:\destination" *.* /E /XD "dirnametoskip1" – Alex K. Jan 18 '12 at 12:14

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