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I am very new to Android development. Now am facing this problem in Java Eclipse,

Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired on 1/11/12 12:52 PM       Unknown Android Packaging Problem

I searched in google and found the answer for my problem from this link "Debug certificate expired" error in eclipse android plugins. They gave the answer for my question. I am using Eclipse in Mac OS X. They gave solution that to delete debug.key from Preferences - Android - Build - Default debug keystore . I found the ~/.android/debug.keystorefrom that location and i tried to delete debug.keystore from Default debug keystore: but, i can't delete it from that location because it is not editable. Can anyone please solve my problem? Thanks in advance.

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Not to offend the proud users of Eclipse, but have you considered using Intellij IDEA for Android development? From my experience, this IDE is way more reliable. –  Ash Jan 17 '12 at 11:49

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Just rename or delete it manually in a terminal with: rm ~/.android/debug.keystore or mv ~/.android/debug.keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore-backup Or have a look at this thread

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