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I tried the following way ......

public class ProductBean {
    public double LOWER_RATE;
    public double UPPER_RATE;

<p:inputText id="myRate" value="#{productBean.DEFAULTVALUE}" validatorMessage="Value entered is not between the specified range">
    <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="#{productBean.LOWER_RATE}" maximum="#{productBean.UPPER_RATE}"/>
<p:watermark for="myRate" value="#{productBean.LOWER_RATE} : #{productBean.UPPER_RATE}" />

Watermark shows a valid range of 1:20. Even if the entered value is between 1 and 20, I am getting the error: 'Value entered is not between the specified range'

Am I doing something wrong ?

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As the requirement could not be met using validateDoubleRange , I moved my validation to the server side keeping the logic in rowEditListener of the dataTable.

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