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How do you reindex an array in PHP?
PHP reindex array?

I have an array where I delete an element:


After that, the element is gone, but the indices are messed up. I want to indices to be reordered as well. Right now, it has 0,1,3,4,5,....the 2 is missing now. I also used var_dump($array), made no change.


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Try array_values:

$newArr = array_values($yourArray); //after unset will show array indexed linearly

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unset will simply remove the reference to element 2, as in the case. That is why, you don't have index 2 anymore.

What you have to do is implement a function to shift every element left one position, starting with the element one beyond the index from which you want the shift.

After that, unset the very last element.

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