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Ok, so I have this jquery function to that grabs the checkbox's value and uses as identifier to show or hide an ul

The problem is that I couldn't manage to add an if only 1 choice in checkbox add X.

Here is the code and what I have tried

$('#filter li input:checkbox').change(
        var show = $('input:checkbox:checked').map(function(){
           return $(this).val();
        if (show.length > 0)
                $('#list li').each(
                    /*if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) <= 1)
                    else */if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) > -1)
        else {
            $('#list li').show();

I don't really understand how this works: if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) > -1) because I have tried if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) = 1) and nothing

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You're assigning a value in the if clause:

if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) = 1)

To break it down, what this is actually saying is equivalent to

$.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) = 1;
if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show))

You should use the == comparison operator

if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) == 1)

Or, more correctly avoiding type coersion, use ===

if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) === 1)

This will avoid comparison between 1 and "1" returning true

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sorry, I should've removed that before posting... it is not the case... I need to fix the if inside $('#list li').each(... –  w0rldart Jan 17 '12 at 12:14
Errrr, well, same applies. Use the === instead. if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) === 1) –  James Wiseman Jan 17 '12 at 12:15
for some reason it doesn't work. I have tried if ($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) == 1) and also === 1 and the alert that I added doesn't popup –  w0rldart Jan 17 '12 at 12:23
Well, what is the value of the thing you are checking. I.e. do alert($.inArray($(this).attr('class'),show) ) and see what you get. If it is equal to 0,2,3,4, etc then the condition will not be met. –  James Wiseman Jan 17 '12 at 12:35
thanks, it's a 0... now works –  w0rldart Jan 17 '12 at 12:46

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