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I have developed a REST application server based on RESTEasy (JAX-RS).

I have a set of unit tests for each service based on org.jboss.resteasy.mock.MockDispatcherFactory. These mock out the database calls so that I can return "canned" database responses.

Everything worked well until I added security code that checked the DIGEST Principal (java.security.Principal). I wrote a security interceptor that expects to retrieve the user identity of the user calling the service and verify that this user has authorization to execute the service.

I can't find any way to send in a mock Principal.

Short of disabling my security checks in my unit tests, is there any way to tell the mock server to use a mock Principal? I would rather NOT disable the security, because that is part of what I want to test.

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I would use Mockito. Mockito enables you to mock call to any method, so it is quite easy to produce "fake", fabricated by you, Principal object. See this example or google "java.security.Principal mocking with mockito" for more examples.

I hope this would help, since I am not 100% sure you can apply such method in your case.

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