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I have a web page that loads two images from a css sprite like this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css">
    <div class="arrow low"></div>
    <div class="arrow high"></div>

and the css (stylesheet.css) looks like this:

  height: 239px;
  width: 260px;
  background: url('logotypearrows.png') no-repeat;

  background-position: 10px 0px;

  background-position: -1003px 0px;

The web page looks perfect but I can't print it. I can't see the dynamically loaded arrows. Anyone that knows how to solve this problem? I want to be able to print out the arrows and I want to load them from a css sprite.

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By default browsers do not print background-images, this can be changed by user. Maybe you should add some content inside div <div class="arrow low"><span class="print-only">*</span></div> and make it visible only for print version of your page with @media print.

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In which image you have to print?

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It's up to the user and their browser settings to print or not print background images. To keep yourself from relying on that, put the images in the foreground in HTML. —Kon

(taken from this related thread)

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