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I'm a bit of a beginner at programming and wanted to try some basic Common Lisp. However this is turning out to be a real hassle when you get down to it. I'm currently using a Mac and need to find some good software for running Common Lisp. Does anyone know a simple download for running Common Lisp code? The current one I'm using does not allow you to edit code via text editor and run it. Thanks!

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What one are you using? – Ken Jan 18 '12 at 1:44
If you're using Homebrew (I highly recommend it), all you need is brew install clisp. – Matt Ball Feb 27 '12 at 14:28

The ubiquitous CLISP provides a straightforward, plain-jane file-based environment on any platform.

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Try Clozure Common Lisp:

It even has an bundled IDE

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Clozure Common Lisp can be installed via Apple's Mac App Store.

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Lispbox is a pre-configured lisp environment. They support the big three OSes.

If you're more into IDEs than Emacs, Lispworks Personal is a crippleware environment that should be fine for some basic playing around.

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