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I have ActiveX control done in VC++/MFC. It embeds into html web page. Now I need to be able to configure it by providing parameters in html tag. like: The question is how do I read those parameters during my ActiveX initialization? My research revealed that it has to be done through IPersistPropertyBag interface, but I could really use some code examples to figure that out.

Any examples in VC++ please?

Thanks, Mike

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I will answer my own question...
Basically from ActiveX point of view those HTML parameters are "persistent storage" parameters.
So in your HTML file:

<OBJECT ID="activex1" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200
	<PARAM NAME="ServerAddress" VALUE="">

And in your MFC ActiveX control:

void Cubcam_activexCtrl::DoPropExchange(CPropExchange* pPX)
	ExchangeVersion(pPX, MAKELONG(_wVerMinor, _wVerMajor));

	// TODO: Call PX_ functions for each persistent custom property.
	PX_String(pPX, _T("ServerAddress"), m_serverAddress, _T(""));
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Interesting; I will have to try the method you describe. The way that I know of to do this is to implement the IPersistPropertyBag interface and implement the Load method.

I haven't used MFC, just ATL, but I implemented this by hand. I will have to look into the solution you provided to see if there are advantages to the underlying approach used by MFC.

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