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How to add decimal point (with two decimal places) to string, without converting string to decimal?

For example (Dim str1 as String), regardless str1 has value: 100 , 100.0 , 100.00, or 100.5 , 100.50... I'd like to get the output: 100.00 or 100.50, with two decimal places.

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CDec(myString).ToString("D2") isn't so prohibitive that you should balk at it. Just cast and call ToString. – lthibodeaux Jan 17 '12 at 13:21
don't know vb but in c# convert it to decimal, round it up and then convert back to string… – dierre Jan 17 '12 at 13:23
I have tried with CDec(myString).ToString("D2"), but I got Exception error: ex.Message = "Format specifier was invalid." This is my code: Dim str1 As String = "100.0" Dim str2 As String str2 = CDec(str1).ToString("D2") – Ljupco Sofijanov Jan 17 '12 at 13:34
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Public Function FormatNumber(ByVal s As String) As String
    Dim pos As Integer = s.IndexOf("."c)
    If pos = -1 Then ' No decimal point
        Return s & ".00"
        Return (s & "00").Substring(0, pos + 3)
    End If
End Function

And since you inserted a C# tag:

public string FormatNumber(string s)
    int pos = s.IndexOf('.');
    if (pos == -1) { // No decimal point 
        return s + ".00";
    } else {
        return (s + "00").Substring(0, pos + 3);

However, note that superfluous decimals will be truncated - no rounding occurs!

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Can't add comment yet, so excuse the additional post...

lthibodeaux and dierre are correct. Converting to decimal and back is much better. Otherwise you could create a function that looks for a decimal point in the string and then appends zeroes to it based on where it finds it. The problem is if you get a str like "13.876". You would have to figure out how to do rounding on the string.

Go the easy route.

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Public Shared Function TwoDecimalString(input As String) As String
    Dim output As String
    Dim splittedInput As String() = input.Split("."C)
    If splittedInput.Length = 1 Then
        output = input & ".00"
        output = splittedInput(0) & "." & splittedInput(1).PadRight(2, "0"C)
    End If
    Return output
End Function
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