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After I have pulled from origin master branch(git pull origin master), how can I check the code difference between the version before pulled and the current version(after pulled)?

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The easiest way is to run

git fetch

instead of pull. Then you'll have your master and origin/master both available locally, and you can just diff the two before pulling.

Otherwise, if you've already run pull, use

git reflog

to find the previous HEAD commit on your local master, and compare that to the current HEAD.

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Instead of pull, use

git fetch origin
git diff ..origin

and then

git merge origin


git rebase origin

Alternatively, you can, before the pull, use git log -1 to get the current revision (something like commit 41db5abc53351184cbb56a796e6c5e81de73f125) and then after the git pull, do

git diff 41db5abc..
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