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I am using fancybox to display a form in my page, and when the form is submitted, i see that the next page is displayed inside the fancybox itself, instead of navigating to the concerned page.

I am invoking a fancybox like this:

<a href="login.php" id="fancybox_iframe" title="Please Login">
<img src="login.png"></a>

This is the jquery code:

  'width'            : '480px',
  'height'           : '575px',
  'autoScale'        : false,
  'transitionIn'     : 'none',
  'transitionOut'    : 'none',
  'type'             : 'iframe'

I am performing some validations when the submit button in the form is clicked, and when the validations are met, the form is submitting inside the fancybox itself... but i would like the fancybox to close and submit the page to the action url.

How can this be achieved ?

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Got a solution from this link

Just added target="_top" for the form tag and it worked well.

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