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I'm trying to install Devise when I run the InstallGenerator of my gem.

This is what I did so for:

module Baco
  module Generators
    class InstallGenerator < Rails::Generators::Base

      hook_for :devise_install


But it doesn't work, and I really don't know how I should get it to work..

I tried to search for it but the documentation didn't help me out, and I can't find any tutorials. I've only seen that hook_for is used to use generators in generators.

Maybe I'm not in the right direction at all, if so, please point me in the right direction..


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After some more searching I came across a gem called "ActiveAdmin", which does exactly what I want. After some digging in their source, I found that what I need isn't hook_for, but invoke..

This is what is working for my problem:

def install_devise

  require 'devise'

  if File.exists?(File.join(destination_root, "config", "initializers", "devise.rb"))
    log :generate, "No need to install devise, already done."
    log :generate, "devise:install"
    invoke "devise:install"

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