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From android 3.0 the clipPath() method is no longer supported in devices with hardware acceleration turned on.(Read this article for more details).

I am working with canvas and I need to draw rounded image. Any ideas about how can I do that?

*I can't turn the hardware acceleration off, I am looking for other solution.

Answered: Tnx @Malcolm for your answer. I found a good example that demonstrate this technique, it's basically a mask.

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clipPath is only supported with hardware acceleration turned off.

The article you've mentioned contains a clue:

If your application is affected by any of these missing features or limitations, you can turn off hardware acceleration for just the affected portion of your application by calling setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, null). This way, you can still take advantage of hardware acceleratin everywhere else. See Controlling Hardware Acceleration for more information on how to enable and disable hardware acceleration at different levels in your application.

The main idea here is to disable hardware acceleration in the part of the application where you need to use the unsupported methods. You can do it for a particular view, there's no need to turn it off completely for the whole application.

If you don't want to turn off hardware acceleration, then I would suggest using Porter-Duff modes. You can create a bitmap with a circle in it, then draw your image onto the canvas using such a mode that would clip your image to the original content.

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Yeah but I only got one view, (this is usually what you got when working with canvas...) So I can't turn it off, this is why I am looking for work around solution. –  Ilya_Gazman Jan 17 '12 at 14:21
@Babibu I've edited the answer, maybe Porter-Duff modes can help you. However, if you decided to turn off hardware acceleration, this would affect only Android 3.0+ devices, which are in minority, so that probably wouldn't harm you much. –  Malcolm Jan 17 '12 at 15:48
"It is not no longer supported, it is only not available with hardware acceleration turned on." The double-negatives here make this sentence difficult to read. Maybe rephrase to something like: "clipPath is only available with hardware acceleration turned off." –  Leo Accend May 24 at 0:35
@LeoAccend Why don't you just suggest an edit yourself? –  Malcolm May 24 at 1:43
Thanks, @Malcolm, I didn't realize I could do that! –  Leo Accend May 28 at 18:01

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