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Let me simplify the question to this much.

-> I have a HTML file.(locally or remotely accessible)

-> I want to find the dimension of the web Page, that will generate if rendered

-> I cannot render it any way. I want to use it for tools like CutyCapt for image capturing and resizing.


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The dimensions of many pages vary depending on window width … and font size … and various other factors. – Quentin Jan 17 '12 at 13:59

A page can be made to render a fixed size and/or some percentage of the browser window, therefore I don't think the question can be answered without some additional constraints or assumptions...

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Well, using JavaScript you can check the width & height of web-browser/webpage.

And if you want your images or text to be rendered according to browser width & height then you should define all width & height parameters of your text & image in percentage.

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