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I've put together a little library called Mockery (edit: now called pretendr because there's another project called mockery), and I want to put it in npm. The library has directories called lib and test for the source files and unit tests respectively. I have the following in my package.json:

"files" : [
"directories" : {
    "lib" : "lib",
    "test" : "test"
"main" : "lib/mockery"

But for some reason, everything in my lib directory just seems to go in the root directory of my npm module. The test directory works automatically (even if I don't include the "directories" part of the package.json). How can I make npm put my lib directory contents in the correct place?

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I think it's not because of the directories entry, but you have "lib/" under a files entry, too. According to npm doc:

The "files" field is an array of files to include in your project.
If you name a folder in the array, then it will also include the files inside that folder.
(Unless they would be ignored by another rule.)

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Added that into the question. So how should I include the files inside the lib folder? –  Nathan MacInnes Jan 17 '12 at 14:52

I've worked it out... it was a really silly mistake. Turns out there's a package called mockery, and mine is called Mockery, and they just looked very similar in directory file names. That's the problem with standard ways of doing things!

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