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I need to find a profile in a specific town or nation, but I just found a way to get profiles by checking locale column in my Facebook query. Is it possible to retrieve a user id and link with town and other location information, but is it not possible to retrieve profiles by town?

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Using the Facebook API, it is not possible to query by locale since it's not indexed (see: and look for column names with a * star). According to the documentation the only columns you can search on with the API is uid, username, and name.

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If you only want to query over the friends associated with the provided access token, you can do this FQL query:

    query = {}
    # first get friends which have provided a current location
    query['friends'] = "SELECT uid, name, current_location FROM user \
            WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid1 FROM friend WHERE uid2=me()) \
            AND current_location"
    # then get the latlongs corresponding to their current location
    query['latlong'] = "SELECT page_id, latitude, longitude FROM place \
            WHERE page_id IN (SELECT FROM #friends)"

You can use this information to assign a latlong to each friend. The filtering must be done client-side ... I don't think there is another way.

NOTE: Of course this needs the friends_location permission.

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Using the Graph API, you can search profiles using text place names like so:

(Replace ??? with your current access_token.)

Not clear to me exactly what profile text is matched against, so you may end up finding people that have a name similar to your search query or that are just talking about a place. Best to check the users specified location as a second filter. Hope that helps.

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Queries of that kind definitely search 'hometown' so be wary of the results you get and be sure to check that the profile 'location' is what you want. – astletron Feb 25 '13 at 18:16

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