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via the graph api, I create events for facebook pages I have the create_event and manage_pages privileges for.

I post to with the usual name, location, start_time, street, city parameters. Works perfectly.

However, I haven't found a way to submit a certain place_id for the event (e.g. FB-ID of the venue). This is possible using the web client. When creating an event, you can select a place/venue, the resulting event page shows that place on the map and links to the place page. Events created via the api only show the location name as text.

I tried place_page_id and several others as parameters, but nothing worked.

Has anybody done that successfully?


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No with the current API it is not possible. Here's the only parameters for creating an event available. They are the same for user events as well as page events.

name (string) start_time (timestamp) end_time (timestamp) description (string) location (string) privacy_type (string)

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address works too (street, city ...) – Frank Maier Jan 18 '12 at 11:08
And so there is, maybe you should log a documentation defect with Facebook at to report that those fields exists on the root of event to be POSTed to. – DMCS Jan 18 '12 at 14:08

Yes, you can. A poorly documented property of Event is location_id. Works fine.

The way I handle it is to search for type=place and if I find the place in the vast Facebook data store I use the id of that place in the location_id field. If I don't find the right place I use the information I have for street and city. (If you have location_id you really don't need street and city).

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