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I have some ColdFusion output:

<cfoutput query="myList">#Email#</cfoutput>

If my list happens to have several results, this output loops and prints out all the emails. However, if there are no results, I would like to write a statement to output a message...

How does this work? It seems like #Email# is a variable, but it can also be an array...how do I count the number of results when using like this?

update: I have also tried using a stored procedure to do a COUNT, which gives me the amount...but I'm not sure how to use the results of the stored procedure in a coldfusion <cfif> statement...

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<cfif myList.RecordCount>
  <cfoutput query="myList">#Email#</cfoutput>
  No results

is what you are looking for, and is the strategy most commonly employed by ColdFusion developers.

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Thanks! This works for me. –  redconservatory Jan 17 '12 at 15:09

A Query is a Coldfusion-specific datatype that looks like an array of structs but behaves differently.

You can check for the number of records as #myList.recordcount#

    <cfif not myList.recordcount>
    No records found
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