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one of my co-workers has Microsoft Access(2010) on his computer and he created some reports.

I want to display those reports ouput in my asp.net aspx page.

is it possible ?

is there any Microsoft's web component for display access report ?

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You can use Windows SharePoint Services

"Windows SharePoint Services is a feature of Windows Server that lets you store data and deploy database forms and reports over the Web. You can link Access 2007 to Windows SharePoint Services lists, or deploy your whole database to a server and use the collaboration tools that Windows SharePoint Services provides."

For access 2007 you can use a Data Access Page.

For more check

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, Ive tried with DataAccess Page over googl and the only thing for me ( 2007 ) is to export the report to html or other format. but i need the report to be executed at the SAME TIME the report is runnuing. any help ? –  Royi Namir Jan 17 '12 at 16:25

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