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1) I have a store called "Job". Is correct that method "getJobStore" is automatically created.

2) in the following code example. I get this error. "this.getJobStore is not a function". When i go i do not see this function. So what property should be "this" ?

    onSubmitBtnClick: function () {

    var form = Ext.getCmp('formJobSummary');
    var record = form.getRecord();
    var values = form.getValues();

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Make sure that you have set the scope properly for your onSubmitBtnClick listener. My guess is that it is running in the scope of your button, not your controller (that is, you haven't specified scope: this in your listener configuration). If you post the configuration of the controller entirely, we would be able to say for sure.

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this should be a controller object which is listening the events of this button (as example). Is that true for you now?

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